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Jeffrey Owen Katz


Freitag, 15. November 1974


Queens, New York City, NY



Jeffrey Owen Katz (born 1950) is an American scientist best known for his pivotal contribution to the field of factor analysis and his development of innovative AI (artificial intelligence) tools. Born April 6, 1950, he is the only child of Nathan Katz (accountant) and Rosalyn Anker (talent agent, entertainer, lapidary shop owner, and founder of Animals in Distress). He grew up in Queens, New York, but moved with his family to Merrick, N.Y. in 1962. He was a recognized child prodigy in electronic engineering, able to read and draw schematic diagrams before he could read and write English. Rather than send their only child away to a boarding school for gifted children, his parents arranged for home-schooling, which was continued until Katz' mid-teens when he began auditing college level cou

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Wie alt ist Jeffrey Owen Katz heute?

49 Jahre

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Wo wurde Jeffrey Owen Katz geboren?

Queens, New York City, NY

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