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Dmitry Ayatskov


Donnerstag, 09. November 1950



Dmitry Fyodorovich Ayatskov (Russian: Дми́трий Фёдорович Ая́цков; born November 9, 1950,) is a Russian politician, the head of administration (1996) and the Governor of the Saratov region (1996-2005). In 2005, after the abolition of elections of regional leaders, President Putin did not propose the candidature of Dmitry Ayatskov to override the governor of the region. Instead, in March 2005 Ayatskov was appointed Russian ambassador to Belarus. However, on 19 July 2005 at a press conference in Saratov, which he gave after the receipt of agreement, that is an official agreement on the visit to Minsk as an ambassador, Ayatskov offered Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko "stop blowing cheeks". These words caused a scandal, and the appointment did not take place.

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