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Tom R. Tyler


Freitag, 03. März 1950


Columbus, OH



Tom R. Tyler (born March 3, 1950) is a professor of psychology and law at Yale Law School, known for his contributions to understanding why people obey the law. A 2012 review article on procedural justice by Anthony Bottoms and Justice Tankebe noted that, "Unquestionably the dominant theoretical approach to legitimacy within these disciplines is that of 'procedural justice,' based especially on the work of Tom Tyler.". Professor Tyler was at New York University from 1997 until he joined the faculty at Yale in January 2012.

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Wie alt ist Tom R. Tyler heute?

74 Jahre

Welches Sternzeichen hat Tom R. Tyler?

Wo wurde Tom R. Tyler geboren?

Columbus, OH

Welchen Preis hat Tom R. Tyler gewonnen?

Kalven prize for "paradigm shifting scholarship in the study of law and society". Law and Society Association, 2000. Lifetime achievement award for promoting interdisciplinary research on social justice. International Society for Justice Research, 2012.

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