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Makoto Kano (video game designer)


Montag, 30. Oktober 1950



Makoto Kano (加納 誠, Kanō Makoto, born October 30, 1950), also credited as Makoto Kanoh pre-1995, is a Japanese game designer and supervisor. He was born in Kyoto, Japan. Kano began working for Nintendo in 1974. He was one of the original designers in Nintendo's creative department. Originally, he designed toys and board games before working on the series. Kano eventually became one of the lead designers of the Game & Watch series. By 1984, he was heavily involved in several Nintendo R&D1 games, including Hogan's Alley, Gyromite, and more specifically the Metroid, Kid Icarus, and Famicom Wars series. Some other projects he has worked on at Nintendo include Super Metroid, the Super Scope for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Mario & Wario.

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