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Jouko Väänänen


Sonntag, 03. September 1950



Jouko Antero Väänänen (born September 3, 1950 in Rovaniemi, Lapland) is a Finnish mathematical logician known for his contributions to set theory, model theory, logic and foundations of mathematics. He served as the vice-rector at the University of Helsinki, and a professor of mathematics at the University of Helsinki, as well as a professor of mathematical logic and foundations of mathematics at the University of Amsterdam. He completed his PhD at the University of Manchester under the supervision of Peter Aczel in 1977 with the PhD thesis entitled "Applications of set theory to generalized quantifiers". He was elected to the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters in 2002.He served as amember of the Senate of the University of Helsinki from 2004 to 2006 and the Treasurer of the European M

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