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Jorge Rosenblut


Samstag, 07. Juni 1952



Jorge Rosenblut Ratinoff (born 7 July 1952) is a Chilean engineer, academic, businessman and consultant, and the former president of ENDESA, the Latin American branch of the Italian-based ENEL Group. Rosenblut is a vocal supporter of the Pacific Alliance and has written extensively on the subject. In 2013 Rosenblut wrote a guest post for the Financial Times online edition in which he expressed his conviction that the Pacific Alliance, of which Chile is a member, represents a "seismic shift in Latin American integration" by standing together "in what promises to be a historic breakthrough for the region". During a speech in Washington DC, also in April 2013, Rosenblut described the Pacific Alliance as "a route to join the league of highly developed nations".

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