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Anwarul Iqbal


Sonntag, 01. Oktober 1950


Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2015



Anwarul Iqbal (1 October 1950 – 15 January 2015) was an adviser of 2007–2009 interim caretaker government of Bangladesh. He was appointed as Local Government and Rural Development Minister & Labour Minister of the non-party interim caretaker government of Bangladesh on 17 January 2007 and remained in that post until elections were held two years later. Later he was given the charge of the Jute & Textile Ministry. He had the responsibility to head three ministries of the government of Bangladesh. He served as the 25th Inspector General of . He went into voluntary retirement from the IGP post after he had been made officer on special duty and within few days he took charge as the adviser of the caretaker government headed by Fakhruddin Ahmed during the state of emergency in Bangladesh which

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Wie alt wäre Anwarul Iqbal heute?

73 Jahre

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Wie alt wurde Anwarul Iqbal?

64 Jahre

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Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2015