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Anand Teltumbde


Samstag, 15. Juli 1950


Rajur, Maharashtra, India



Anand Teltumbde (born 15 July 1950) is an Indian scholar, writer, and civil rights activist who is a management professor at the Goa Institute of Management. He has written extensively about the caste system in India and has advocated for the rights of Dalits. He is also a longtime critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and was imprisoned in 2020 along with other activists and intellectuals who were critical of the government. His arrest has been condemned by other academics and human rights organizations, and legal experts have said that the charges against him appear to be fabricated.

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Wie alt ist Anand Teltumbde heute?

73 Jahre

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Rajur, Maharashtra, India

Personen, die ebenfalls in Rajur, Maharashtra, India geboren sind.