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Mohamed Osman Elkhosht


Samstag, 28. März 1964



Muhammad Othman Elkhosht (al-khasht) (born 1964) (Arabic: محمد عثمان الخشت) is the president of Cairo University. He is a professor of philosophy of religion and contemporary philosophy at Faculty of Arts, Cairo University. He is a leading authority on modern Islam, and a member of the Association for Intercultural Philosophy, which encourages a dialogue among philosophers from all over the world. He held several positions including the Vice President of Education and Students Affairs at Cairo University. He is also a member of local and international committees: the Interfaith Dialogue Center in Al-Azhar, the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Awqaf Academy, the Supreme Council of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (League of Arab States) and the Science and Innovation Committee

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