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Jindra Dolanský


Montag, 14. Dezember 1964



Jindra Dolanský (born December 14, 1964) is a Czech musician. He was the saxophone player, backup vocalist and co-composer for the Czech avant garde punk rock group Už Jsme Doma from 1985–2001. In the early '80s, Dolanský became a fixture in the music scene in Teplice, Czech Republic, a town bordering Germany. He was trained on the clarinet in his youth, making him the only trained member of the original Už Jsme Doma lineup, which he formed with six friends in 1985. By the end of 1988, he was the only original member remaining. From 1985-2001, he played in the band led by Miroslav Wanek, until he decided to leave the exhausting lifestyle to focus on his family and opening a restaurant in Prague. He has since performed with the band on special occasions, most notably their 20th anniversary

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59 Jahre

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